Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jockblocked (Gridiron #2) by Jen Frederick @JenSFred


Wow Matty surprised me and stole my heart. I didn't like Matty very much as far as boyfriend material in the previous book Sacked. I simply don't like guys who would share a girl. I want them possessive. So I had to just dive in and hope it’s because he had never wanted to actually call a girl his and his alone until Lucy
Well Matty definitely was possessive over Lucy. He didn't even like saying her name in the same sentence as another guy especially her BFF Ace.
Ok side note. Ace is disgusting and I've never hated a character this much in a long time. There is zero chance I'd think he could redeem himself.. He is a dog

OK back to Matty and Lucy
I feel like this story pulled at my heartstrings a lot. Probably because I do believe in redemption I had high hopes that Matty would be one of those playboy heroes who changes his ways once he falls hard. I definitely got that here. I loved how no girl compared once he laid eyes on Lucy.
What bugged me was Lucy constantly being so scared and insecure. Then when she's finally where she should be.. Matty puts himself in a bad situation and then they both act stupid over it. I read those chapters with my heart in my throat so afraid that they'd destroy what they built. I loved the reunion and the ending. I honestly hope that we see more of them in future books. Just please please please can we have less drama from insecurity and other women?
This author is brilliant and her stories stand on their own without that mess. Her relationships build on true emotional connection and it's not necessary to try to throw in angst to just cause drama. The sweet sincere way Matty cared about Lucy's health was refreshing and that's what I enjoyed the most.
4 stars.. I want more..now

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