Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Right To My Wrong (The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #8) by Lani Lynn Vale @lanilynnvale

Lani how do you do it? Every time you breathe life into a new couple I think wow I'm not sure who is my favorite. I absolutely can't describe properly how much I loved Sterling. He was simply such a great man.  He truly was a hero in every way.  
 The fact he came from a crappy childhood to a life of a Navy Seal showed true steel. 

In between he grew the bonds of friendship and brotherhood with his team's from the military and his biker brothers. But also his foster brothers. I cried millions of tears and my heart still aches. I thought that Ruthie was so supportive yet at the same time vulnerable enough to bring out Sterling's protective side.

 I adored how pleased this alpha male felt each time Ruthie claimed him in even the smallest ways. Ruthie could've crumbled under the devastation she lived through. But her character was through and through built on strength and persevering. I rooted for these two from the start all the way through.
I can't say enough how deeply this romance lover appreciated the lack of drama that some books are filled with nowadays. This author is talented enough to create stories based on trials that bring her couples closer together. Not unnecessary issues that just weaken the love story. I absolutely loved so many moments and I devoured this book like all the prior ones. Little surprises and perfect epilogue left me smiling for sure.

Another 5 star winner Lani.

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