Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Wildly Seductive Night (Seductive Nights #3.5) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

Lauren introduced us to one beautiful and passionate couple. I've been raving about them since the first book came out. I absolutely can't say enough about the passion this author injects into her stories. 
Julia and Clay captured my heart way back at the beginning and I've anxiously awaited anything including them since then. 

This final installment was the perfect edition to their Happy Ever After. Clay and Julia still have the amazing chemistry that brought them together completely saturated with a love so deep that they are simply and extension of each other. 

 But there was nothing basic about this love. It was elemental and primal, and to Julia, it was beautiful.
 They fluidly moved into a scorching romantic dance through life and then their marriage has brought them one more chapter of bliss that they only find with each other. The added bonus of a sweet little girl has given them a family , a home and every day more adventures. 

A smile spread across her lips as she watched her big, strong husband, the man who had the filthiest mouth in the land,
easily slide into his other role as the kindest, most loving father.

Almost a decade later and Clay and Julia balance jobs, family and friends. But mos of all, each day first and last they enjoy each other. These two are hotter than ever and completely free to love each other how they want and need to. 

She was his passion, his home, his love.

The scenes they shared in this sweet sexy story will heat you up and at the same time make you believe in how love is supposed to be. When two people accept and crave everything about each other. 
“Don’t you know every time I touch you, whether it’s rough or tender, hard or fast, that I’m making love to you?”
Get a fan because this one is the hottest one yet. I will always hold this couple dear to my heart. This author is always going to be my favorite for layered romance that has amazing love stories with added comedy , that focused fidelity and that truly romantic scenes that keep you heart beating in a fast rhythm. 
You'll feel the love coming right off the pages. It's Lauren's signature. Love stories you not only read but you devour and hold inside for a long time to come.

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