Sunday, June 12, 2016

Junkyard Dog by Bijou Hunter @BijouBooks

I'm mad at myself for waiting so long to read this funny, sexy, brilliant book. With so many heavy topics out there gagging us with angst, cheating, manwhores and I want you but can't have you so I'll screw everyone else, stories..
Well this book on every sarcastic page had me either laughing out loud or swooning with happiness. 
Two people who have personalities that would scare small children and the elderly find exactly what they need in each other. To those people who read things and take them on the more serious side.. 
Prepare yourself before starting this love/hate story. 
Because for every Bitch or Asshole you here thrown out.. For every shut up and kiss my ass or Fck you.. Replace those words in your head like one of those code games.
Plus their inner dialogue will let you know what they really think. 
Candy’s crawled under my skin, and I can’t dig her out. Worse is how I’m not even sure I want to.
 These words to these two people are the I love you, you complete me, or you're beautiful and I can't live without you.
“I love you, Candy. I’m not always going to be a pleasure to be around, and running White Horse can make me an asshole.
 Still I’ll always put you and the kids first.”
 Hayes with all of his growly gruff ways had me over the moon. 
 This us a comedy and it's not supposed to be taken seriously but holy heck did I find a beautiful romance here.
For his thoughts always showed how he really felt .
 Does she already have a man in White Horse? Who is he? I’ll find out and scare him off.
And if he doesn’t scare? I’ll beat him with a bat. I’ll take an ax and chop him into tiny pieces.
No, drag him behind my truck until he’s mush.
Most importantly Candy knew and saw through to the teddy bear (psycho, rabid maybe) inside. And she just didn't give a crap..she loved every sarcastic and growly word he spoke
 She gave as good as she got 
and Hayes fell hard for her and her twins. 
These two kids had me rolling. 
If you need a sexy funny Romance to lift the dreary gloom of some of the crazy books out there this will make you happy and hot all over. I'm wondering how to top this.

Go on give it a go. But remember.. Don't take it so serious. Just enjoy.

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