Sunday, June 26, 2016

Underwater by Maayan Nahmani


Maayan my dear beautiful soul you brought beauty and sheer life into word form for all to breathe in and experience. For so many we go through life with fake smiles and false charisma, just living life through automated motion. Each of us has battles we fight in the dark and the light. This story gives hope that through pain there can grow a small bloom of hope that grows into a future of love and memories. 
Dorian and Aria were destined to not only meet but to live through their pain to come together again on the other side, whole and united. 
Dorian was what so many romance lovers want in their heroes. 
He was brave, loyal, beautiful because of his scars not in spite of them. He was protective and possessive and most of all sweet and kind. 
Aria was given a true hero to share her life with and her dad would be so proud watching from above. I'll always be thankful I not only experienced this beautiful story but that I can call it's creator a sweet and loving friend . 
I see so many good things for you and I truly hope you nothing but love and happiness always . You have an angel watching out for you. He would be so proud.

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