Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nabbed In New Zealand by Christine Edwards

I found myself lost in this story before I knew what happened. I didn't see the beauty of this love story coming so it knocked me on my knees. I seriously love how Christine writes her men. They always know what they want and they do not give up. 
When I go into reading a BDSM story I always have to remind myself that the two characters are there and are in this type of a relationship because they both need something that it can provide for them in a respectful and loving expression of trust. I always find myself wondering why at some parts especially the "punishment" encounters. I think, could I ever trust someone that much and let myself submit in such a profound way? It's beautiful to me because of that trust aspect. 
Christine did an amazing job of building this love story through the exchange of trust between Valla and Judge. 
Every time that Valla did something that deserved "punishment" I'd go what in the hell are you thinking??? But then I'd back up and go...hmm...maybe she wanted this. Yea that is exactly what it is. I see that without the little "missbehaving" moments then there would be no play in that way.

The scenes were smoking hot and I loved how passionately they were written.      

We feed off each other; it’s a stark reality. He needs my pain and I need his strict hand .…

“That’s perfect, sugar. Now hold still and take what I have for
 I want you to use your safe word if you’re scared or in too much pain, understood?
You could never, ever disappoint me, all right, darlin’?”
you.                          Judge

Judge was so dominant, passionate and sexy. He had a way about him that just brooked no argument. But Valla loved testing him and he always gave her what she really desired in the end, his true dominance. But she actually held all the power, because she really held his heart.

I am so glad I found Christine Edwards and her amazing stories through my buddy Steph because I have enjoyed them so much.

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