Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Scars of Us by Nikki Narvaez

This is a story of how two people who have a past filled with betrayal and heart ache caused by the people that are supposed to love and protect them come together and love each other through the scars.

Filled with angst and outside forces this story moves along pretty fast. From the moment that Ryker and Kaiya saw each other for the first time their chemistry was undeniable. They both spent time trying to fight it but with rules in place by Kaiya they tentatively try to move forward. But, Ryker is one that believes rules are made to be broken and he is determined to break those rules along with the all the walls that Kaiya has built around her heart.
I felt frustrated at both of the characters actions in the first half of the book but knew it had to happen for them to see each other as someone who wasn't gonna run or hurt them at the first chance they got.

Once Ryker has Kaiya in his arms for good he stops at nothing to show her
how much he cares. Ryker was sweet at times but also strong and believed that Kaiya was his warrior and he never let her forget she was a fighter. He was determined to erase everything and replace all the old hurts with passion and a pure love.

Kaiya's brother Kamden was the angel in this book. He stood by Kaiya through the darkest of times and made the ultimate sacrifice. I hope that somehow he get his love story too.

The ending was beautiful and tears of course were present.
I'll definitely have to check out future books that Nikki puts out.

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