Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rare and Precious Things (The Blackstone Affair #4) by Raine Miller

Simply Beautiful conclusion to a breathtaking love story
Rare and Precious Things picks up at the very moment Eyes Wide Open ended. We are transported to honeymoon bliss
0f course since we are talking about Raine Miller here and Ethan (sex god) Blackstone is the hero, well honeymoon equals 
Serious Shagging !!!

From the moment these two deserving love birds walk inside the passion explodes on the pages and married bliss only ramps up the sexual compatibility of these two amazing characters. 
I am one of the rare readers that doesn't EVER get tired of my favorite characters. I'd read installment after installment as long the story kept my interest and well I was not disappointed in the HEA that these two struggled to achieve. 
Sweet moments, shared secrets, healed hurts and blazing love scenes left me feeling a sense of happy ever after right along with them. 
Sweet butterfly angel ..Brynne's nickname for peaches, apricots, summer squash you name it..(paraphrasing) the sweet little addition this family was epic, intimate and extraoridinary. I just felt so at peace reading about this sweet sexy couple becoming a family. 
A family they both so desperately craved, a serene place to feel loved, accepted and cherished. 
Ethan found solace and Brynne found love. 
Rare and Precious Things 
3 Hearts found HOME
Ethan I hope to get a few more glimpses of you in the future as I'll miss your sexy filthy mouth. No doubt in my mind you are a Perfect Alpha
Thank you Raine Miller for the honor of being able to review this simple perfect romance. 


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