Monday, February 17, 2014

Worth the Chance by Vi Keeland

I absolutely love Vi Keeland's writing style. She writes passion and emotion into every character and every page. Vinny's character intrigued me and broke my heart in Worth the Fight. I was pleasantly surprised at how Vi transported us into the future where Vinny is all grown up into a fiercely protective and loyal man. He stands by his mother who really didn't deserve it. He respects Nico who helped him change his life. But most of all he goes after what he wants. He want's a chance with Liv and he isn't going to give up. I loved how he showed her constantly how much he wanted her and even with some humor he kept their scenes sizzling with sexual tension.
Vinny had a big heart but never really opened it to a woman until Liv, once when they were too young to embrace it and now when they both want it so badly.


There were some moments I wanted to knock him upside his head but he was an amazing character who left me wanting more of him and part of that was to heal his scars and enjoy his passionate personality in all areas of his life. Vinny exuded LIFE and it was amazing.

I loved Liv, she didn't take crap and she also stepped up when she made mistakes. So many times she'd jump the the wrong conclusion and Vinny would set her straight and she'd apologize and they would move on. These two set the pages on fire and I only wished for more.
 A sweet second chance love story and another winner from Vi Keeland. 

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