Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scarred by Love by C. A. Harms

This is a story that is an easy read because the story flowed so well it kept riveted and I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen to this sweet ..but sometimes frustrating couple

Riley and Zander meet at a party and Zander basically falls for Riley at first site. It's really sweet though because Zander is the perfect book boyfriend for 99% of this book. He has some major family problems and that crosses over into some explosive moments but he does always make up for his mistakes. Riley sometimes overreacted and that made me just want to smack her but she has a rough past also. 
 But when Zander took the final fall ..he was so freaking sweet. 

I love my sexy scenes and this book didn't skimp on the sizzle. I thought that they were written with emotion and passion and I can't complain one bit over how hot this book was. Of course I never complain on how hot any book is. :) 
So you bring together two broken souls and it took a little time for them to salvage the wreckage of their crushed hearts finally come together in what turned out to be  sizzling sweet romance. 

Of course this wouldn't have topped the scale on the drama charts if there wasn't a bitch that really screwed with this couple so many times. All things work out and I was really surprised at how the author resolved those conflicts. 

So glad we had the opportunity to review this sweet romance. 

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