Friday, February 28, 2014

Unexpected by Amity Cross

Copy Provided by author for Honest Review

4 Silver Sizzling Stars

10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

I love a good rocker romance and if he's a dirty talker I'm smiling the whole time.
West and Blaire come together in a blaze of lust without even knowing each others names or anything about who they are or their lives at all.

West is addicted and Blaire is running scared. But nothing is gonna keep these two apart ..they are just drawn like moths to a flame.

I loved the constant bickering because it always led up to more explosive sex scenes. 

One tough guy who is feeling things he never thought he would.
It was like the universe had made her just for me.

A girl who was drowning in the unknown feelings of feeling wanted and pursued like she'd never known before.

Underneath a story that might come off as just another hot rocker romance is actually an awesome beginning to a series I'm definitely going to be following. Two pretty messed up people come across each other at the most perfect yet Unexpected time and way and I see a beautiful love story coming ..just can't wait for more.


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