Sunday, February 9, 2014

Strike by Holly S. Roberts

 I went into Strike thinking this was going to be a lighthearted quick romance. What I didn't realize was that this book was gonna burn off my socks and melt the hell out of my heart.
Jaycee is raising her sister and brother after their mother has died. They live in a run down travel trailer and have the bare necessities. What I loved about these 3 precious souls is that life was hard but couldn't keep them down. They made the best out of the hand that was dealt with them. The one time that Jaycee makes a rash decision and well let's call it a dangerous and stupid choice, is the moment their life changes forever.

Reed was a rich, talented and sexy guy who had never even had to work a real job in his life. In crashes (literally) Jaycee and immediately he sees what's been missing. This guy from the moment he gets to know Jayce is a stand up MAN. He is perfect and knows just what he wants. The sex scenes in this story were off the charts and I was blown away because I never expected such a sweet love story but I really never knew it was going to have love scenes that would leave me breathless.

Reed was kinky and he was not shy about it. His dirty talking and his dominant side were sexy as hell. I read this book so fast but I'd find myself rereading scenes because they were that freaking HOT.

A lot of books leave me with a sick stomach over the angst and all the drama. This was so refreshing at how much of a sweet love story it was. Reed never faltered and he definitely earned our
 Perfect Alpha Approved
For so long it was Jaycee, Bitsy and John. Reed saw them as a team and he just wanted the chance to be apart of something so rock solid.
I can't say enough how much this book refreshed me and made me just feel like I read a sweet erotic Cinderella story. Reed was a true prince and Jaycee and her family including her sweet little cat were just a bright spot in my day.

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