Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Alarm by Shay Savage - @Savage7289

This was to me a very different read from what I'm used to by Shay. After the first 40 % was a tad slow and very much on the tamer side.. I sort of realized Shay was building it up to a huge culmination of chaotic events. I was sucked into this chaos so hard that it felt like the rockin roller coaster at Disney world for a moment. 

Aiden was a charmer.. a gentleman covered in tattoos and a rough exterior. His patience and restraint should go down in the record books because once Chloe poked that lion.. oh man what a roar he had.  

 Sexy and bossy and dirty talking... it was like YES Shay is in the mfkng house! 

From here on out.. pivotal secrets are revealed and a sexy affair turns into abiding love with Chloe stepping up as a strong and loyal heroine. Aiden was a hard case to crack but.. like Shay doesn't fit in one single type romance box.. her heroes can't be contained in certain rolls either. He slowly emerged into the perfect balance of strength and protection and complete devotion. 4 solid stars Shay.

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