Monday, December 8, 2014

Hard Limit (Hackers #4) by Meredith Wild -@wildmeredith

 I fell in love with this couple hard in the previous installments and was eager for this new entry in their passionate love affair. Blake and Ericka are engaged and you'd think things should be calming down for them. But in a place where you can't trust those that are close to you and also those that seem to be harmless, well no calm in site.
The whole cast of characters show their faces at at least one point in the book and it was filled with romance and more. 
Speaking of romance.

This was one sexy read for sure. Blake is the ultimate dominant lover and Ericka knows how to push is buttons just enough to get that strong hand to want to pull her in. His way with words and his no fear attitude just makes him one sexy hero. The way Blake always let's Ericka know how he's feeling is very endearing. He's not afraid to tell her loves her and he shows her every single day they are together. Ericka is hot headed and sometimes she just goes off with out thinking and I wanted to shake her a time or two. It's just the way this couple is ..they work even when you think they are going to  com-bust. But truly the only fear of any explosions in this book is in the bedroom. 

Passion , intrigue and danger. That is what Ericka and Blake encounter but there were some shocks and twists I never saw coming. I was holding on to my Kindle with a white knuckle grip. Meredith Wild is one author that pulls me in on the first page and keeps me enthralled till the last. I find this is one series I can't get enough of. I eagerly await the conclusion and hope this couple get the HEA they deserve. 

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