Friday, December 5, 2014

Shiver by C. M. Foss - @cmfossbooks

This was a very romantic and funny book but that wasn't the whole story. This Author threw a little twist in towards the end. 
 I loved the banter and funny as heck moments between Ethan and Lissa. From the moment they re-connected I found them having an adorable and comfortable relationship. It was like they were already friends but had that underlying crush going on. Ethan had some issues to deal with before he came and claimed Lissa for his own. I was worried for only a short moment about how they’d work it out. This sexy rough horse lover was something else.

 Yes..  Ethan was honest and upfront and just went after Lissa and nothing was gonna stop them from making this “weird” and “quirky” romance work. There were sexy times and some pretty amazing and passionate times too.

 I loved how the story flowed and kept me wanting to flip one more page.
It was so  sweet and sexy and  went from friends, to falling in love and then we got to see what happens after the honeymoon. A sweet baby boy comes into the picture and their lives are totally turned upside down. I had moments of sheer frustration for family and also I had moments of tears from the way they loved each other so much. Ethan was phenomenal as a father, provider and husband.  
 Lissa was so extraordinary in her capacity to push forward and never give up. The way they found the funny in the mundane and the sanity in the insane blew me away.

This author took a very emotional subject and injected it with enough humor, compassion and so much grace that  I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what happened to this extraordinary family. 
I'll be watching C. M. Foss from here on out.

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