Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let It Go (Let Go #1.5) by D.C. Renee

And she does it again!!  Wow this author has a way of just totally consuming me for hours. I don't want to put her books down and I always want more. I wanted Benny's story since I read  Let me Go. I even begged for it in my review. I can't describe what it feels like when a side character just completely steals my heart. I think about them and want their story so badly.  Benny was the most loyal friend that I'd ever seen in the previous book. He was there for his friends and he still had this mystery going on. 

Sophie was a person that had the type of past heart break that you'd think she'd never be able to open up to love again. Benny knocked down those walls and showed her that true love can't be contained into what's right ad what's wrong.  The love story grew slowly and it built to a fantastic conclusion. We all know you can't control who you love. This was a perfect portrayal of that. I adored these characters and I learned to not always judge things by what you first hear. There is always two sides to every story. 
Another winner by this fabulous author. 

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