Monday, December 8, 2014

Ripped (Real #5) by Katy Evans - @authorkatyevans

Since I fell hard for Remy in Real by Katy Evans I’ve eagerly anticipated every single book she’s written since. She kept me on my toes and kept stealing my heart with each installment. 
When I found out Ripped was coming and Pandora would finally get her justice, I was beyond excited.
 Pandora was an enigma to me and I wanted her to pull out all of her secrets and finally let us see the broken hearted girl that hid inside. Behind those goth like clothes and the “piss on the world persona”, I just had a very deep feeling that someone with a huge heart lived in her seemingly cold hearted chest. And the walls start to come down the moment they are really alone. 
One second, I’m a woman with a thousand walls, who rarely touches anyone or allows a hug. In the next, I’m six years younger, and he’s the guy I let in. I don’t want that girl to take over, but I live in her. This is her skin, and nobody can make it tremble like he does. 
So many truly epic moments of passion and complete energetic erotic perfection happen in the pages of this novel. It’s a heartbreaking climb through the past that tried to destroy them. But when a love like this exists there isn’t a force of nature strong enough to keep these lovers apart.Their chemistry was so freaking powerful that seriously I felt it vibrating..from my Kindle. 
I adored every single scene and loved how Katy kept Mackenna true to Pandora once he laid eyes on her again. How he made her know from the get go that his past were all cheap and in the moment substitutions for her all of those years apart. Nobody turned Mackenna’s head but Pandora. He wasn’t letting his girl get away again. 
What transpired was a battle of wills. But, neither wanted to really break the other down. No, they wanted answers and healing and with the passion in between them ..all of the walls came down and the love came through. I was in rock star/ second chance love story heaven. MacKenna was the epitome of sex on a stick. From his energy on stage to his heat and dirty mouth in the bedroom ..he was just perfection. Katy makes her heroes personalities so alive that you feel their sexual power leap from the pages. This was a 10 star read for me in every way.
Another perfect alpha and another favorite book boyfriend. 
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Dec 9th 2014

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