Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Karter by Scott Hildreth - @ScottDHildreth

Wow Scott Hildreth.. that was magic. Loved this couple so much.

 Karter was like a hyper goth fairy that captivated anyone's attention who was around her. 

OH boy and Jak this intense protective loyal bad ass. The most tender hearted and loyal guy ever! 

 I laughed out loud and teared up quite a few times. I'll never hear the words short stroke and not think of this book.

 Every time he lifted Karter in his arms..and let her feet dangle I have to say I swooned.

I felt like I could feel their love touch me from the pages.

Twists, turns and pages full of passion. 

I was hooked and read this in one setting.

I love books with men who fight for the women they love and characters who are so layered and interesting. No weak heroine or jerk hero  here. Total goodness and I'm so glad my girl Steph told me to give this one a go.
Scott.. if you write another with the intro of

.Oh and MF only LOL
 Let me know  because I'll one click right away. Those are like my weakness every time.


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