Monday, January 4, 2016

Abruption by Riley Mackenzie @authorsrileymac

These authors blew me away with Beautifully Awake then they put me back together with Beautifully Done. They taught me an HEA is something so much more than a chapter ending, a book closing. Its a dream that you don't have to wake from and a love that you never really say goodbye to.
Then I got the invite for Abruption and I was absolutely shocked when I realized that one side character that I wanted more of was finally getting his story. 
(He captivated me so much I even mentioned him in my Beautifully Awake Review. )
Always smiling, flirting, joking and just pure happy Guy Hunter burrowed into my heart in Beautifully Awake. I was left in day dream land with a crush on this mysterious character.
Then what happened. They took my fun loving Guy and broke him. This man had his life turned upside down. Everything he wanted and dreamed for he pushed aside to be the honorable man he was. Thankfully in these pages I found a woman who was broken too but between the pieces of her shattered heart was glue still warm seeking the parts to put it back together. Guy, Maxie and Fin (dimples added that extra sticky seal) filled in all the cracks and Jules not only healed but she gave them life and beauty again in return.
I was beyond amazed at the compassion and realism in this story. Grief effects everyone differently. Letting love back in can be hard. I absolutely can not rave hard enough about how perfect this love story was written. From the first moment these two had an almost physical magnetism that I could feel coming of the pages, layered among the words. Dialogue that one moment had me flustered and the next pretty over heated. Jules and Guy just lit up my kindle. . Add in some hot sexy times and moments of pure satisfying Romance, you can bet I was in heaven. But to have a family be formed from the ashes.. Gave me hope. 

Riley MacKenzie..

One question.
Who loves ya?

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