Monday, January 25, 2016

Pursuing (Alluring #3) by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr

Everyone who knows me and my reading tastes, knows that I search high and low for any book where the lead characters are totally loyal from the start. Mason Connor has stolen my heart in every way. Superstar quarterback who is gorgeous and charismatic. He saw his Angel Jo and he knew she was his future. I adored every second and especially how patient and tender this amazing man was in conquering and destroying every insecurity and fear Jo had.  

"Do you feel that?  
Feel me wrapped around you, holding you tight?" 

 He didn't wait for her answer before he continued. 

 "That's me, holding on, not letting you go.
  And I'm going to keep holding on,
so when you do fall, I'll be there to cushion the blow,
and I promise you, Angel, you won't even feel the landing."

 She dreamed of Mase that night, and her dreams were sweet.
I loved his protective nature and his dirty mouth. 
I own you now, Angel, and nobody gets to touch what's mine."

There was a time I stopped reading for a few days only because I felt sad it was almost over. Sarah Curtis is among small group of rare authors who know what romance loving people want. Love stories. Love that is kind, loyal, protective and honorable. The reasons I ever started reading romance to begin with. Where your heart believes in the couple and their love. She does this with perfection. I simply count the days till she graces us with more. .

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