Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Enforcer (NHL Scorpions #1) by Nikki Worrell @FlyGirl_45

Some books have characters that are just so amazing that you can't stop reading because you want more of them. Jody by far saved this book. I adored him. Lacey drove me crazy for about almost half the book. Especially when she went on the speed date and also when she would push Jody's protective and possessive buttons then cry wolf. Jody was perfect and I really hope this author can give us another hero loyal and true like he was. I really am scared to read about Vlad and Chloe because the sleeping together then dating others (at least she was, not sure about Vlad) that bugs me. I don't like back and forth and wishey washy characters. If you really love each other (she said that) then you should fight for it. But that's another story lol. This story was sweet and sexy and had oodles of swoon worthy romantic times. My favorite part was when Jody was trying to push Lacey's unmentionable parts back in her dress. All she could do was laugh and he was asking her to help them get them back in there .. So adorable. Nikki.. I know you've written at least 3 books but I just hope that you'll consider writing loyal heroes and heroines.. No other men and women that cause drama. Its not necessary when you have a great talent that I see just writing family dynamics and friendships. The romance was spot on and I loved the suspense and character growth was perfect. We want loyal heroes and heroines. 
 4.5 almost perfect stars.
For Information on what I call Safe books below
Safety info 
Safe aside from Lacey being gun shy about dating again after a cheating fiance. By being scared she pushed Jody away a little. She agreed to go on a speed date with her friend and Jody.. Yummy perfect guy stopped it in its tracks.


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    1. You are so welcome. I'll be stalking you closely for more safe reads. Happy new year


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