Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Love in the Light (Hearts in Darkness #2) by Laura Kaye @laurakayeauthor

Hearts in Darkness was a sexy, sweet little story that definitely put a smile on a lot of readers faces. The masses begged and pleaded for more of this passionate couple and Ms Kaye granted that wish. What I wasn't expecting was a book that took silly and sexy and left it in the dust. Here you had passion with pain, fear with joy and healing with unconditional love. Cayden had a terrible tragic past and being trapped with Mackenna in that elevator was the catalyst to peeling off the blinders and the armor that he wore for 14 years and letting life reach back into his soul.
This wasn't a carefree easy read . Yes there was some romantic and hot sexy times that heated up the pages.
 There were some funny and heartwarming moments that had me smiling. But.. I had moments of such pain for Makenna that I just wasn't sure if I could go on. This girl was beyond strong. She was steel. With the softest and most loving heart underneath. Caden's suffering broke my heart. Healing had to come from him hitting bottom and I'm so glad that Makenna was strong enough and loved him enough to forgive and help him heal. Not only did Caden have the love of Makenna , he had some amazing friends that wanted him to live the life he deserved.
 Caden truly had to battle through the darkness to reach for the light.. His light. Because this brave yet emotionally and physically scarred man was truly light to all that met him. He called Makenna his light out of the darkness  but after seeing how many people  thought so highly of Caden and how many people he touched.. Just proved Caden was full of light and love. Some pretty scary moments had me biting my nails and I had tears of both sadness and joy. This author filled the pages with more emotion that I can even begin to explain. 
  I was so happy to see this family get their HEA and it was absolutely worth the wait. 

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