Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Big Rock took my by surprise. I was a little nervous because friends to lovers stories don't always work for me. I don't like to find out that one (usually the heroine) has been secretly pining for the other while watching them with other people. This didn't happen here.
Spencer and Charlotte actually were just great friends and business partners. He acknowledged she was an attractive woman but he just really enjoyed her friendship. Charlotte has been out of a relationship for a while and Spencer has always been the playboy who doesn't really have relationships. So when things occur that cause them to fake and engagement, well the lines get blurry.
I adored how they made rules and broke.. Almost all of them. Things got hot quickly and these two realy had the best chemistry.

Spencer cracked me up quite a few times. I loved how hard he fell and how he never doubted it.
I can't wait for more. So many characters to explore Lauren

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