Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Act of Salvation (Acts Of Honor #2 ) by K.C. Lynn @AuthorKCLynn

This should be something we all believe, accept and tell ourselves everyday because we all deserve only the best in life, love and happiness. But the truth is this world is full of pain, ugliness and a lot of the time the people we love the most and who should be the one who cherishes us are the ones who cause the most harm.
Nick may have been the person who taught Katelyn those special words but it took years for him to prove he meant them not only for her but for himself. He left her and although he may have been watching from afar he wasn't strong enough at the time to be the man she needed. So years go by and neither can find anything close to what they shared before.  The chemistry that started with one blazing night years ago exploded again as soon as they come back together.

  There were some hot, scenes which blazed with passion and through their lovemaking I felt the adoration and love Nick was unable to vocally share every time he touched Katelyn and my heart ached for them both.
 His actions spoke louder than any words.. I kept hoping and he didn't let me down.

I slowly grew to like Nick. I had to take off my judgmental pants and try to forgive him for years of missed time that he stole from Katelyn and himself. I needed to go back to his beginning with him and watch him shake off the pain and embrace that he was more too and that he was worthy of love and able to give that love forever. I also had to see through the eyes of a mother that made mistakes and paid dearly for them. Nick had to forgive and let go and embrace the love he had waiting for him.  When Nick needed to be the man Katelyn deserved he did this with bravery and honor. I happily and finally fell hard for this gruff hero. Sometimes it just takes two broken hearts to make one.
I adored how the characters from Beautifully Insightful were brought into this story.
I loved how KC gave us her signature theme of family and friendship.
I was absolutely thrilled with the epilogue and was left with a very warm smile on my face.
Kinda nervous for Kolan who will get his story soon. I need him to fall hard and be super possessive.. Which might change his lifestyle a bit.
I trust KC to bring us from pain to beauty though. I just have to ride and hang on. Absolutely love this author and everything she writes.

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