Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ice Planet Barbarians (Ice Planet Barbarians #1) by Ruby Dixon

I'm simply blown away at how much I loved this sexy and sweet Sci fi read. I haven't loved a couple getting to know each other this much since Ehd and Beth in Transcendence. I loved the language barrier because I laughed out loud every time they tried to talk.. They made it work. And oh man Vektal he's absolutely the most perfect type of hero. Its almost unheard of to find guys in books anymore that are 100% all about providing and pleasing and protecting their woman. He just had me swooning and smiling the whole time. I am diving into book 2 right now. This is the perfect way to end this reading year with perfect heroes.. Too bad I had to go to another planet to find them. Sad that all the contemporary books out right now.. Or most.. Are heroes who fight against their feelings or they aren't satisfied with just the heroine.. Its all hook ups and no expectations. Where are the heroes who just want to love.. Forever? I guess they are on a different planet.. I'm taking the next ship lol.. For my book boyfriends.

For Information on what I deem Safe books below
Totally safe for me.
There is one line in the beginning regarding a forced abortion /murder of baby to one of the female prisoners and another is viciously gang raped.
This isn't by the species that end up being the heroines saviors.

Recommended to any romance reader who can not get hung up on looks and can think outside the box. A hero who is all in from the first sight.

Loved this so much..

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