Friday, January 8, 2016

Sebring (Unfinished Hero #5) by Kristen Ashley

Going into a book with trepidation because of previous actions of a character in a series is hard. It's especially hard with you adore the author and simply must read everything she writes. I feel guilty about even having been scared at all. 
Simply because when has this author ever let me down?
She hasn't...
This story took me on an amazing and hot journey. Olivia and Nick definitely weren't a couple you'd think would work from the outside.
Nick was a blank page with a few smudged spots ..left over from his past as a pretty crappy guy to his brother . But slowly we see that page and his image .. erased and recreated anew. A guy who acknowledged he screwed up in his past and who had the ability and drive to make amends. He started off with revenge in his heart ..but that same heart hasn't fully experienced the beauty of the dream who was his Livvie.
These two were explosive and full of emotion. Even when they didn't speak no words were necessary. You felt them and it was deep.
To be trapped in a life .. Olivia was stronger than most to be able to live her existence. Nick chipped away at the ice cold princess until he saw warm woman underneath. I absolutely couldn't get enough of this alpha male with the best sense of humor. I laughed so many times. These two just fit and I was so pleased to be there for the ride.
The bonus of visiting with all of the gang felt magical.
To see the future of each couple just warmed my heart.
Then a sneaky peak at a mysterious character who've I wondered about before with hints of another story..I'm just all around happy.
Another amazing , beautiful and romantic read from the queen added to my favorites of all time shelf.

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