Monday, December 9, 2013

Beautiful Failure by Mariah Cole

5 Sweet Sizzling Stars
5 *It's about time !! Sizzling Hearts for Heat

Wow what an emotional roller coaster ride this story was. This is not a feel good romance. This is bitter, raw and real. With the opening line of
"My mother was a whore"
I wanted to cry for most of it. I felt this one personally having a difficult childhood myself. I identified with the way Emerald's mother treated her and felt heart broken at what she endured. The thing about Emerald was her tragic past made her into one sassy snarky heroine. She didn't take crap from anybody. I laughed out loud more than once when her sarcasm was let loose. This was all a tool to hide the scars deep inside but this also helped Emerald survive being all alone.

Emerald had her sweet church going grandparents who cared deeply for her but their lifestyle left them in a position to not understand what she was going through but when it counted they stepped up. I loved her friend Sarah, what a crazy loud but funny girl.

Carter was a mystery to me for most of the book. I wanted to scream at Emerald to jump on that but boy she had a lot of other issues to deal with. But then.....I was frustrated right along side her at points and got a little pissed on her behalf a time or two. But in his defense, Carter was the true gentleman and I think that this was new for him. He wanted something real and was slowly pealing the layers from this broken girls heart.

Carter and Emerald were so hot together. You could just feel the chemistry steaming from my kindle. I was about to snap..then bam..they exploded and I the scenes were beyond sizzling.  

I can honestly say that most of the time a cliffhanger will make me scream but I actually said YES!!! at this one. I was in utter shock. But in the best of ways.  
I truly loved this couple and believe they are meant to be.

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