Monday, December 2, 2013

Broken by Kelly Elliot

 4 Sweet Sizzling Stars
5 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

I was excited to be able to sign up for this Blog tour as I loved Saved and Wanted by Kelly Elliot. I love New Adult books and I think that Kelly knows her way around writing stories with entertaining and engrossing plots where the story just flows and you find your self lost in the characters lives and journey, loving every moment of it.  I think this one was just another great read of Kelly's I loved the way the romance played out with Layton and Whitley. They wanted to hate each other but the chemistry between them was too strong. 
Whitley was starting her life over after a very abusive past and Layton had been left by everybody that he had every loved. I loved how Layton opened up and showed his feelings without seeming less macho. He just made my heart melt with his memories of his brother and mom. The secondary characters brought a real depth to the story and I really wanted to jump in and shake a few of them. Lot's of drama, passion and amazing love scenes made this one enjoyable read. Can't wait to read Reed and Courtney's story.

**Sizzling Pages did not receive an ARC for this blog tour and purchased a copy from Amazon.

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