Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hard as it Gets (Hard Ink #1) by Laura Kaye
5 Awesome Soulful Sizzling Stars 
 Laura Kaye writes romance that you feel deeply. I was so engrossed in this storyline. Probably for personal reasons being that I am completely in love with all things military. My whole adult life is immersed in this lifestyle. The one thing that is most important no matter what branch to a military member is HONOR. You take away their Honor you might as well shoot them. Becca grew up believing a lie. She comes to Nick (Rixey) with the biggest request for help of her life. Nick takes a while to come around but when he does this guy STICKS. He is the most loyal love, friend and brother ever. I loved everything about this beautiful man. Becca couldn't fight falling in love with him. It was coming no matter what.
Rixey had lost his Honor ..stolen from him and his team in the most cowardly way. He didn't want to love or even like Becca. He fought it but the most amazing thing was even while fighting his feelings he was there for her ..before she even knew it. Rixey stepped up to the plate in more ways then one. He was alpha personified. He was hard wired to protect but also to respect Becca. I cried several times in this book. So much emotion came forth with the stories of what these amazing heroes endured.

The way Rixey felt all the things that Becca went through over losing her brother and then being afraid of losing Charlie just melted my heart.

This awesome man was so freaking passionate it really took my breath away. He had been so alone for so long that Becca was his sunshine in more ways then one. She brought laughter and light back to his life and he wasn't going to let her go. 

 Being a Marine Mom myself. I relived some scary times reading this thinking of while my son was deployed how I felt. I thank God everyday for our Military heroes. 

 This guy just stole my heart. But he wasn't the only one. This is the first book in this series and all the guys are gonna be hard on the heart! Such loyalty , bravery and sexiness. I can't wait for more. I can see that there are some amazing stories coming our way and I'm so excited. Laura thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to review this amazing love story.

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