Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Operation Saving Daniel by Nina Croft

 4 Hot Sizzling Stars & Hearts

This was not your average shapeshifter romance and I've read quite a few of them. What I found different and amazing about this story is that Nina brings reality to fantasy. Yep, most of the time in a PNR read you have a little bit of the over the top sentimental easy fixes. Hero has issues , Heroine also. Hero may have to save Heroine from harm blah blah blah. They have hot sex, they have a crisis and then make up and ride off into the happy ever after. Well, not Daniel and Lissa. No..from the first moment this was a not so happy ever after type story. Lissa gives Daniel a 20th birthday present any guy would die for. She takes away his V card. What does she do next? Leaves for almost 10 years. But when she finally comes back Daniel is not the cute but geeky boy anymore.

No, Daniel was filled out in all the right places and unfortunately hooked up to a raving Bitch. Trying to keep his family protected by attaching himself to The Evil One and also trying to hide his werewolf status was wreaking havoc with Daniel. Seeing Lissa again just rocked the foundation of his world. The feelings these two had for each other would not be denied and they couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Daniel tried so hard to fight his feelings only because he thought this would keep his family safe but what Lissa wasn't giving up. She was gonna save him from his own stupidity no matter what. I loved that the secondary characters stepped in to help and that even though Daniel was a true Alpha male he didn't have to be the sole hero in this story. Lissa stood by her man and she let him know what she wanted without playing the weak female If I had to pic one thing to critique about this story it would be I wanted longer love scenes. I mean we are talking about Daniel ..and I wanted more of his take charge ways. I really enjoyed this sexy story and I look forward to more.




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