Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden
I went into this read thinking, Hot Vampire Christmas Novella...easy breezy sizzling and sweet right?
Oh hell no!
 This was a dark and intense and at times painful journey.

Ben, is a vampire and is on the cusp of turning dark, completely dark, where killing without remorse begins. He's been tormented for a decade of memories of a love lost. His love so long ago in the most tragic of circumstances. But, she never really left him. Not by her own choices. What he believed for all of these years isn't what really happened.

One moment, of weakness and lust , changed everything.

Simone, once a vibrant woman in love is now torn between two worlds,
trying to save the man she loves from choices that can destroy both of their futures. Each time she does something to help she pays a price. One price she is willing to pay because of how much she loves this man.
Can she help him in time? Will he make the right choice?
Ben, is visited by 3 spirits, Past , Present and Future.

Will he let them guide him to change his destiny?

One moment given to him as a gift , a sizzling intense encounter and Ben and Simone are swept away for as short time , back into each others arms.

When Ben finds out what Simone is giving up for him. What will he do?

 Their dreams were  interrupted so long ago. Their love will not be denied as both fight their way back to each other.

A Dark but intensely sweet romance that is sure to warm up your Christmas.

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