Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dragon Craving ( Otherworlds Summons #2) by Livia Olteano

Dragons can really be sexy, Like wow I'm like thinking of Dragons in a whole new way.

OK I was so looking forward to this book after Obitus was introduced in book 1. I found him intriguing and intense and I wanted more. I even fangirled Liv and said please give me O now! Like I sent reminder emails asking if she was kidnapped or something. Well let me tell you that Liv delivered and she did it in spades.
  Obitus Ravusum Sangaeternus, The Destroyer of Otherworlds 
A terrifying, breathtaking, awe inspiring powerful beyond measure, black dragon who is 3000+ yrs old. Wow, sounds scary right? Well, in human form O is just ..Ohmazing. yea word just for him.

O is like sex incarnate. He is like every woman's wet dream all wrapped in one. Every page that had him on it ..sizzled. *(freaking pun intended) I loved his personality, his arrogance and possessiveness. He was bossy but so freaking caring underneath. Even in his "I'm better than anybody and bigger and badder" I swooned. This guy was the shit!

Guarding what you had or what you desired was a dragon thing.
 It was why we gathered our treasures in caves and slept beside them.
 Our first and foremost instinct was to keep what we had and get what we wanted.

He was so loving! Under all that power and arrogance beat not one but 2 hearts.
When he was loving, it like stopped my heart and made me want to reread the lines over and over. 

This guy new how to romance. 

❣ Sizzling Pages Perfect Alpha Approved!❣ ❣ ❣

Elana Anderson or Ela Deville, a best selling author of get this. Paranormal books. Yea but the thing is she writes books about characters she knows to be real. She is also the Oracle. She sees in the future . Her visions were a gift ..or a curse depending on how you look at it.
I loved Ela, she knew just how to give it right back to O. He was shocked I think that she didn't fall at his feet. Now inside she did, but oh she fought it. So many underlying serious issues were at stake after all. I mean the end of the world is pretty serious. 
This couple freaking kept me guessing and swooning ..I loved every single page and was so totally in readers heaven. 
The humor was placed in all the right places and the way these characters interacted was awesome. I loved all the different  species Liv brings in and it always leaves me wanting more info about them. I am  thinking Rykers book will be soon hopefully and there is so many places that storyline could go. I devoured this book and am so glad to have had the opportunity to review it. Liv, you got a fan at Sizzling Pages ..thanks.

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