Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

10 Tragic Sweet Sizzling Stars
5 Sexy Sweet Sizzling Hearts for HEAT!! 

 This was a story of two souls rising from the ashes of who they once were. But more than that it was two people learning to accept the choices they made and moving forward to embrace a love that neither of them were prepared for or even dared to hope existed.

Harley (Layla) A virgin call girl. Sounds like an oxymoron to me. But this girl was the best at what she did and never even was touched below the waist. A mom who was completely deranged and the actual slut of the story ...drove a acceptance seeking Harley to make choices no child should have to face. Did Harley blame her mom? Maybe in a secret part of her heart but no she protected her mother from her own crazy choices by throwing herself under the bus. This decision had repercussions that far outweighed anything Harley could have ever imagined.

 Enter Trey..a broken boy who used sex to cover pain.
Sex with older woman and he became so addicted to it that he hit bottom with the cold slice of a fist and ring to the face. So many things in his childhood involving painful losses that he wasn't even allowed to talk about with the two people who were supposed to support him and love him no matter what. This omission or banned subject caused Trey to seek a numbing solution. SEX.

 One late night while  Trey was working Harley goes to No Regrets

Trey does the job and they hit it off. Both think. One last hoorah before giving up the life.

But this night completely changed their lives.

This book was filled with pain, joy, passion and betrayal. I wanted to beat Harley's mother with ten thousand whips. I wanted to shake Trey's mom till her cold as ice facade crumbled. These two kids deserved a break. But life didn't want to hand it out. They had to crash the wall down themselves. The love between these two grew daily in a beautiful way. So open with each other so hungry for unconditional love. Even with Harley's past you'd think that she'd be open and brave when intimacy came around with Trey but no..this girl had never known desire or true physical pleasure. She had separated her transactions from her feelings. Being paid was a job. Feeling for Trey this was a whole new territory

Cash can be recouped. It can be made and multiplied. Feelings can’t. They are loaned and borrowed and you can never pay them off. -

Trey opened her up to so many things. He loved her reaction to him.

 I want to swipe my thumb across her lips and tell her not to be embarrassed, because she’s beautiful and sweet and kind and funny and has the biggest heart I’ve ever known, and that no one has ever cared in the way she has. Because she gives a shit about me.

These two had such amazing chemistry and really with their history they fought it because with drugs you can stop, with drinking you can quit. But, with love and sex, well you really need love in life for your soul to survive and sex might not be necessary but it's a natural progression when two people desire each other. To watch how Trey and Harley had to fight their own selves was tragic yet beautiful. Once they started giving into these feelings it set the pages on fire.

So many obstacles and misunderstandings tried to keep Trey and Harley apart but this love would not be denied. I just didn't want it to end and was never so happy to see a cliffhanger in my life. Why? Because I know it's not over and I believe in this couple so strongly and I know in my heart they will get their HEA!!

Thank you Lauren for the gracious opportunity to review this awesome story!!

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