Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Falling from Disgrace by L. Maretta

Title : Falling from Disgrace
Author: L. Maretta
Genre: Contemporary Romance

10 Surprising Sizzling Stars

I went into this book expecting a angsty romance with a got sexy hot guy  and a broken girl , some drama maybe and of course some sexy scenes. What I got was a story that blew me away and surprised me over and over. I work in a pharmacy and I see addicts on a frequent basis. Addicts whose drug of choice is prescription pain killers. This is a very common thing today. It's very sad that a lot of these people were legitimately written prescriptions for real pain but gradually became addicted to the medication long after the physical issues were resolved. I never even thought I'd find a book that dealt with this issue in such a real, raw and honest way. I was blown away at the accuracy and the details that went into this story. 
Adrianna was a girl on her way to a bright and successful future. One night took this all away. 

Jack comes in and sees a sexy interesting woman and wants more than a one night stand. He gets a lot more. He becomes her light in the darkness and she shows him that sometimes loving someone doesn't have a to have a reason. You just have to let your heart feel what it feels. I found this story was bittersweet and very emotional. I loved how the relationship progressed in a natural way and honest and true feelings were addressed. We don't always have the answers and sometimes we just need to let somebody in. I'm so ready to see what happens to this amazing couple in the next book. 

**So please to have had the opportunity to review this awesome love story ** 


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