Saturday, December 28, 2013

Conflicted Love (Needles Kiss #2) by Lola Stark


4.5 Hilariously Sweet Sizzling Stars
10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

When I find an author that I know that I can grab their book and sit down and read it straight through already knowing from the first page that I will love it, I adore those authors. Lola Stark is in my top 10 people. She writes funny and hot stories with characters you really wish you could meet in person.
Trip was just that a freaking TRIP, He was sexy, so so sexy and funny as all get out. I mean this guy cracked me up in this book so many times I thought I would bust a gut. They were just friends but oh holy heck what kind of trouble can two friends get into when their secret crushes just explode all over each other?

You start with this  
and you get this

 Trip is freaked...but he steps the hell up so fast it made my head spin. The funny way Lola wrote his perspective had me giggling like girl. I mean he was so real it seemed.
 Teeny was beyond freaked out but when she saw the miracle they created she knew the right choice.
 I got mad at Teens several time because Tripp was trying so hard and she was just plain stupid at times.
But I loved how it all came together and the beauty of one sexy alpha male and a sweet little baby alpha in training will turn this woman into a sobbing pile of mush any day.

 When Tripp saw that finally Teens really saw him and loved him for who he was..he just solidified his perfect alpha seal.

I can't wait for Jude's book. If you need a hot possessive alpha that is not going to give up till he gets his girl..then Lola knows how to write them. Go get you some Mace and Trip now!!

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