Saturday, August 23, 2014

Assumption (Underground Kings #1) by Auorora Rose Reynolds - @auroraroseR


Assumption was another amazing winner by one of my favorite authors. Auorora knows how to bring me exactly what I want in a romance. Her stories bring passionate and emotional plots  to us with climatic and breathtaking suspense. Romance that leaves you breathless and characters you finish with a feeling of adding a new friend to your life. These people feel so real to me and that might make me crazy but I totally own up to that anyway. From the moment I picked up my Kindle and started this story I couldn't put it down. I read it straight freaking through! 

  I love bossy and possessive alphas. While the romance was slow building it didn't lack in these qualities. Both characters were drawn to each other and each fought a battle against this attraction. Well they lost! But in the end both won something amazing. A beautiful romance slowly developed and I fell hard for not only Kenton but for this couple in general. Autumn was used to being treated like an object and had turned off the sensual part of herself which was very ironic since she was in the business of sensuality as a stripper. This was job that was meant to be a stepping stone to what she was wanted to do with her life. A dangerous encounter derails things and sends her into the care of Kenton and things
progress in a way that she is able to let down walls that have been up high for over a decade. 
Kenton didn't give up and in true Aurora Alpha fashion he didn't take no for an answer but in a way that was passionate and emotional. He saw the fighter in Autumn and pushed her to be stronger.
 I loved this story and saw the differences immediately from the Until series. Kenton was rough in ways that took my breath away and also made me want to just squeeze him to death. For every single moment he is ruthless..he has another that he is just the most sensitive and romantic and most of all HOT alpha of them all. 
She’s not what I expected. She’s not what I wanted, but fuck me if she’s not what I need.
This would not be authentic Aurora if Kenton didn't bless us with a filthy mouth. So yes ..I have to say that is another reason I was hooked!
 “Open.”  His eyes lock on my mouth as I open for him. The second the head of his cock touches my tongue, I moan. “I think you love sucking me off more than I like it, and I like it a whole hell of a lot.”

 Also you know it's not a true Aurora read without a sweet loveable pet.
.and and amazing epilogue or 3 ..LOL. Adore seeing into the future of the  Mayson's. Just freaking LOVE IT
 I was left eagerly anxious and hungry for the next installment.

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