Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink #2.5) by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

This was one sweet sizzling amazing read. I loved Easy from the first book and wanted this story from his introduction. There was just something about this gentle giant that drew me in and had me wanting to see beneath the layer of thick skin and gruff exterior. His name may be Easy..but he came off the opposite.. The way I'd describe him until Jenna came into his life would be Hard. Because of pain and loss that left scars on his body and his soul..he just felt empty. 
All of these soldiers are paying the ultimate price..that they shouldn't have had to pay. From one man selfish mistake they are being punished and together with the help of some amazing secondary characters ..things will be set right, one step at a time. Easy and Jenna were the sweetest couple. Both broken in some ways but strong when together. In a perfect world you might think that they were moving too fast or that this was the wrong time but one thing is for certain. This group of individuals and this couple have learned the hard way that life is too short to wait till tomorrow or wait till "the time is right". So I enjoyed the fact that Easy and Jenny were able to lose themselves in each other and find a little bit of peace, comfort and acceptance in a time when they needed it most. 

 Laura Kaye remains one of my go to authors for honest and realistic couples. When I open a story written by Laura, I am swept away to a better world. This series is fantastic and every installment just keeps getting better.

***From a personal standpoint there was subject matter in this book that touched my heart greatly. As a mother of a US Marine I have been on my knees in prayer so many days just asking for safety for my son. But after they come home and they are physically safe..that is when the WAR starts. 
This is when they battle demons they can't see. 
 I pray for each and every son and daughter that there comes a day our heroes stop being that next 22. 
*** Laura thank you.

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