Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hidden Intentions by Stacy Claflin -@growwithstacy

This was a totally different type of read then I'm used to lately. It was young adult paranormal romance. I didn't realize this when I signed up to read. .. Totally my bad for not checking the fine print...
So I jumped in anyway..and  what really surprised me is all of the twists and turns that this quirky funny story had.
 I can honestly say that things came from so many different directions that there were times my mind was totally blown. 
  What I thought was gonna be a sweet little romance 
where the heroine Clara needed to confess her "abilities" or"secret"  to her long time boyfriend William...turned into much much more.
 Quickly I found myself ...dazed..confused but frozen

  Crazy psycho poisoning ex-mental hospital patients. 
Wear Wolf Casanovas.
  Girl fight!!
Then the "secret reveal"

 and World War 3. 
leading to..
 & add in some sweet romantic **Totally PG**
interludes with William and Clara
(So sugary sweet I wanted to cuddle something..hard)
That I was left..high on craziness with a side of "WTF??
left to realize

But even though my mind was a little on the "completely blown" side.      I was totally HOOKED

Couldn't put it down!!!! 

I can honestly say this was one crazy and entertaining and funny as heck read.. great for any young adult paranormal/fantasy fan out there. I'm so glad I jumped on this crazy train and went along for the ride. 


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