Monday, August 25, 2014

Be My Hero(Forbidden Men #3) by Linda Kage
Linda Kage has a way of writing a story that takes me on a complete and utter voyage of emotional highs and lows. I confess that while reading this book I may have resembled at times a raving lunatic one moment then a sobbing basket case the next.  Then right after that I nearly peed from laughter!
In this installment we were blessed with the appearances of some favorite characters. Mason and Reese were so special to me and I've thought of them often since reading Price of  a Kiss. What Mason went through is something I normally can't read about in romance books but his story was one of those special cases. So when he showed up in this book with Reese and I got to see more into their love story I was thrilled. But with the good sometimes get the bad..and Mrs. Garrison is way freaking bad.
 We were also clued into the past of Eva and why she was such a raving bitch in the previous book. 
Her childhood made the movie Mommy Dearest look like the Wizard of Oz. ( pun in intended) 
 Eva totally threw me for a loop and I felt so bad for misjudging her before this. 

The title of this book Be My Hero is PERFECT for Pick. This sweet man..was by far my favorite character of the series and I thought Mason would always take that award. But Pick was everything I love in a book boyfriend. He had the biggest heart and the most amazing sense of humor. 
Yep, I was going to have to call in and quit my job. Both jobs.
I could become a professional couch potato and just drool every time she walked past. This was my new life goal.
His loyalty knew no boundaries and his love for Eva his "Tinker Bell" was beautiful and the way that Eva opened her heart to Pick and they just purely loved each other. Sigh...sweet romance heaven. 

This special family has left some pretty sweet little foot prints on my heart and I must say that if you love perfect heroes who would do anything for the love of their woman a long with being the best man for any child out there, then you gotta snatch this book up right now.
 I sure hope that Quinn's story is one that I can read..but at this point I'm just not sure. But Linda has been known to take me right against the boundaries of my comfort zone and keep me from falling maybe she'll surprise me yet.

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