Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lonzo Book 2 (A Tycoon Novel) by Kat Madrid

This installment starts off right where book 1 ended. While book one.. was erotic overload..this one found these two getting to know each other in the most romantic ways. I find Lonzo and Jordana in a passionate affair that grew to real emotions...and it was keeping me on the edge of my seat with how explosive these two were together. 

I loved how Lonzo couldn't keep his hands off of Jordana and how she couldn't fight his advances even when she tried. What else made me fall for Lonzo so hard..was his freaking spectacular cockiness and arrogance..he was so funny too

There were so many romantic and sweet moments that when things changed it was like the rug was torn out from underneath me. 

I am giving this book 4.5 stars ..for the love story. Which I really did adore in the beginning and the end. The middle ..tortured me.  The 10 Sizzling hearts are for the amazing HEAT this author brings to her erotic and passionate love scenes. 

If it wasn't for how mad this hero made me I'd have easily given this book 10 amazing stars. 

I do feel confident that other readers are going to absolutely love it and that it's going to be just a personal taste issue of mine. 

I am a lover of passionate stories where one of the characters is jaded but falls in love and fights it. I do know that with these types of stories angst will be a big factor. 
  My problem is where and how Lonzo took some of his pain out on Jordana. I was so mad at him!
In the authors own words..he was a BASTARD!!!
It was over the top and just well way to much for me.Where Jordana showed class , Lonzo was just crass and mean. I found myself cussing him several times!!
There was a point in this book..a major and crucial point that Lonzo just broke my heart.  

 I was almost DONE with him...he crossed a line and well.. I had to push forward and I am glad I did. 

Once Lonzo woke up and became the man I knew he could be..he really eased the pain in my heart.

He was determined to love Jordana the way she deserved and even let her have all the control there for a while. He didn't give up and I rooted for him the whole way and wanted to beg Jordana to give him another chance. 

 He loved her. And he would love her beyond her hate. Beyond forever.

When they couldn't fight things anymore and came together in a fiery reunion ..I was lost and swept away. 

He did redeem himself and I am so happy with how this story wrapped up. 
Once things changed ..well I was taken on a scary ride and there were moments that my heart was on overload and I wanted to just scream. 

Just when I was at my wits end...Kat made it all better and my heart was whole again..I adored the epilogue and can say that Lonzo..he just worked his magic on healing the scars he had placed on my heart in the beginning..he was the man he was always meant to be. 

I will hold a special place in my heart for this couple and will count Jordana as one of my favorite heroines ever. She was really a special lady.

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