Friday, August 15, 2014

Nordic Lessons by Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards always gives me what I want. Bossy, Protective, Possessive and Loyal heroes! Heroines that have just the amount of sass and all the passion for these dominant lovers to make perfect matches every time. 
This one gave me another favorite of mine. I love dirty talking bikers and I found that and more. 
 I adored this story and really loved how honest and up front this couple was from the start. 
 Mikkel was transfixed by the sweet and sexy Elora from the moment he found her on the side of the road. 
She’s like some gorgeous damn angel come down to earth.
Elora was drawn to him in a bone deep way from the start also. 
My body seems to respond to something perilous and primal that this fearsome man has to offer me.
Mikkel and Elora both were searching for that special person that could accept them for who they were deep inside. 
 From the moment they met they could feel that connection , like they found that person that could give them what they not only craved but needed. 

Mikkel was a firm but loving Dom and Elora was a submissive but never had the change to explore this side of herself. She yearned for a firm hand and loved how Mikkel loved her with firmness. 
His possessiveness made my heart race and just sent shivers through me every time he made it known that Elora was HIS in every way. 
 It was so great to see more of Lisetta and Bern and the suspense in this book was off the charts. To have a glimpse of Alreck and Vail was endearing and melted my heart. I was holding my breath at times and was so sad when it ended. I am so pleased with this sexy story and eagerly await the next passionate couple from Christine. She never lets us down.


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