Saturday, June 27, 2015

Highway Don't Care (Freebirds, #2) by Lani Lynn Vale

I really can't get enough of the way Lani writes. This was her second book and I loved it as much as any of her new ones. The things I think that I adore about her love stories is you don't have to wait for her couples to get together at the very end. 

 Gabe and Ember had been dancing around their attraction for a while. I loved that Gabe stopped having any other dates or women for months because all he thought of was Ember. I love how loyal Lani's heroes are. Then I normally can't stand crazy exes and especially when they have the "surprise child" but in this case it worked and I loved it. There wasn't any "I want him back" drama. It was all just one crazy as hell woman and I cried with all she did to that baby girl. I loved Ember's loud and crazy personality. I really can't say how much I love books where the author doesn't add all of the relationship angst to "prop" the book up when you can have an amazing love story with a couple falling in love and supporting each other. The relationships that Lani creates with all the secondary characters just keeps me wanting more. I really just love this Author.
Auto read for sure.  "Nic" Safe always.

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