Sunday, June 28, 2015

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

I love Romantic Suspense probably more than any other genre. This is because it's full of action and the romance is always a little on the faster side which I love because I'm just a romantic insta-love sap. So when my girl Rochelle announced she was writing this baby I was so freaking excited. 
Diving in I was ready! 
Identity crisis started with the heroes point of view. I was a little put off in the beginning with all the memories of his ex and everything they shared. Everyone who knows me, knows I am one jealous reader when it comes to my heroes. So I pushed forth since he hadn't met the heroine yet. Some things happened as its said in the synopsis that throws our hero Blaine into the path of Delia our heroine. That's where my second peeve kicked in. The whole comparison with the ex kinda made feel sorry for Delia at first. I did start seeing that that was on the surface only. So even though his history with the ex bugged me, hanging in there I trusted Rochelle to pull me through. It didn't take long to see that he was really attracted to Delia's feisty personality and her down to earth demeanor. She wasn't selfish or materialistic and everything about her called how to Blaine. . Suspense and passion took over and I was quickly sucked into the story. Rochelle gave us some pretty erotic scenes that had my kindle on the hot side of sizzling. Then came the romantic side of Blaine that kept me swooning and smiling. 

 This was a very fast paced suspenseful sexy read which I really enjoyed. Rochelle still has that knack for dirty talking bossy alphas and that totally applied to Blaine. I also love how she incorporates friendship and loyalty with secondary characters. Good mystery, sweet but hot love story. Amazing epilogue and I really want Brody now. If the heroine is who I think she'll be then I'm really excited.  
 4 solid stars. 

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