Saturday, June 27, 2015

Up in Smoke (Crossing the Line #2) by Tessa Bailey - @mstessabailey
When I need my perfect hero fix I simply read Tessa Bailey. This was one more exemplary example of what I love in my male leading men. Totally over the top possessive and 100% loyal. There is no one better at giving us a dirty talker. Tessa wins hands down every time.
 Connor was intensely and perfectly man personified. From his constant protective nature to his sexy dominance, I was seduced. I felt his hopelessness over Erin tortured past and was feeling so much rage with him for her. 
 The way this man gave her complete unconditional acceptance was beyond beautiful. He embodied all that I look for in my book boyfriends. A true hero in the aspect that he held back is own needs, his own desires for her and in that process he gave her the reigns and he still found the sweetest control ... to be able to give that control to her was a power he never had before. 

Erin was definitely a very intense and deeply troubled heroine. To be able to survive and function after he past was just extraordinary. A day to Erin was counted by the seconds and minutes, steps and doors, windows and exits. 
I loved her quirky brave persona and I liked her from the start.  She couldn't stay away from Connor even though she had the fear that raced along side the need and the want. 

I adored how patient he was and the way Erin grew stronger every day he surrounded her with walls of freedom and love to release her was just beautiful. 
Up in Smoke had profound and scorching love scenes that were balanced and emotional, adding a precious  depth to the story. Each character added intrigue and excitement with just the right amount of mystery. I simply can't get enough of this author and can't wait for the next sizzler she writes.

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