Monday, June 22, 2015

The Darkest Frost (Vol #1) by Tanya Holmes - @shesawriterth

This little story gave my mind quite the little road trip. This was a journey through magic and mystery, passion and chemistry. Secrets, oh so many secrets. I'm not a big fan of liars so it's hard to truly like characters that start everything off by lies. I know they had their reasons and I'm actually sympathetic more to Braeden then Deneive.  So already my romantic nature has been kicked in the teeth because I don't trust the love story at all. Yet, I'm's just slow.. I was in a perpetual stare of oh my gosh 
and wow
Did that really just happen?? 
From the beginning I was totally sucked into the mystery. Braeden and Deneive were drawn to each other in a very undeniable way. Totally HOT and AMAZING when they came together the first time. 
   I loved seeing Deneive knock down his walls. I hated the angst and the lies like I said they made me really sad. I couldn't stand his brother Xavier. Yes, I am usually the "Bad Boy Advocate" But well you'll have to read this baby to understand my pain.
 He made my skin itch in a really bad way. I wanted to push him off a cliff. To be honest I had quite a few moments of 
 and others where I wanted to scream and punch something or well SOMEONE!!! . For anybody who reads this book and that knows my comfort zone, they will be wondering how I survived it. It took massive faith in this author and some intense therapy sessions too. She's patient and she's kind an she might have slipped me a xanax or two in one of those cute little dancing Facebook emoticons. But for some reason I would fluctuate from swooning over Braeden to pissed of and doing this. 
 Tanya takes my little comfort zone and she shakes it. I feel like she is cackling in the background going 
"oh you think you know what you like? We'll see. "
So I pushed through and really am hopeful that the next installment fixes what's broken in my heart. Because right now I'm a mess. What's funny as my heart is so hoping for my Braeden and Denieve to get their HEA because when it wa
and when it twas SWEET 
I loved it!!! 

As you can see Tanya can make you feel some pretty extreme emotions and keep you right there needing the conclusion. Because OMG that Cliffhanger was
This is why I let her push me a little because the one thing that is true is she makes me feel.

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