Saturday, June 27, 2015

TAKING THE FALL - The Complete Series: Part One, Part, Two, Part Three & Part Four by Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley seduced me from the first page of Carter and Layla's story. I'm always on the outlook for loyal one woman heroes. Not just that but to find one whose remained celibate and faithful for 8 yrs. Wow.
 He wanted her when age was off limits. But he watched and burned from afar. Then evil touched their lives and Carter paid the price. Locked away he ached for her.. 4 years before he saw her face again and only one passionate and earth shattering kiss had to keep him save for the next 4 years. That and the look of hurt and humiliation he saw on her face when he had to push her away. The biggest tough guy you'd ever want to read about is also the most GONE for his woman and his tender moments just stole my heart each and every time. 
 3 volumes of the hottest scenes and the ultimate suspense had me flipping the pages. I loved every bossy alpha dominated moment of this sexy story. 
Not only was this passionate, emotional and suspenseful it had the best moments of humor ever! I laughed so hard so many times. 
 “You mind telling me what in the fuck flavor Pop-Tart you had for breakfast
that made you think it was all right touch my woman? Let me educate you.
 Then Alexa gives us bonus letters from Carter and stole my heart all over again. The 4th volume was Saint and Jeanette and I didn't know how I would feel with a more bossy take charge heroine but submission and power is a very tenuous claim. Its not the person who gives the orders that really controls anything. The beauty of their love came from Saint letting Jeanette take what she needed. 
He was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't get enough. Alexa not only gave us two beautiful relationships with HEA and awesome epilogue she threw in some sweet future scenes from characters you'll have to meet when you read this awesome series. I'm totally hooked on Alexa Riley heroes..
  I think it's very import that I add a disclaimer to this review. Alexa has also warned you. So be careful. 

But really , from the bottom of my heart I am so totally head over heels for this authors love stories and especially her heroes.
 They love one woman hard and forever. Total perfection for this "Safe" reading junky. Auto read and one click ready.

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