Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lucky (Inked Menace MC #1) by Ryanne Hawk @RyanneHawk

I loved a lot about this combination shifter/MC read. There was suspense and magic and of course some sexy "mate attraction" moments of goodness.
 I liked both the hero and heroine for the most part. I did have a few moments of what?
 In smaller or let's say shorter books you tend to notice details a lot more because those details are closer together , the information in a more condensed manner, being that it's a shorter story. I'm usually one that can miss discrepancies but because there were some in this book that were very closely related to some of my hot button issues regarding my characters personality traits, I couldn't help but notice them big time.
 First of all Lucky is remembering a sad time in his life.. And he has just gotten very physically close to the heroine. He has a thought about the fact "he hasn't touched a woman in 3 yrs" since that very sad time in his life. But a chapter or less later.. Its mentioned in his thoughts that he had a one night stand right after that tragedy. That hurt my heart because I was so happy to had found a celibate hero.. But I let this go because it was one time and maybe the author didn't realize she portrayed those two moments so differently. OK, then the heroine had a very abusive ex husband. But later in the book things came about that made her situation not make as much sense. There were some things that just didn't add up. Being that her secrets came out and it changed her personality traits HUGE..then she'd not have suffered what she did for as long as she did. Simple as that. 

Rating this book on the Romance.. Or chemistry gives it a high 4 stars but those mixed parts I was confused about kept it at 3.5 for me. I would still read more from this author if.. She keeps her hero all about the heroine and that's another reason I felt quite a bit of enjoyment while reading this sexy story, for the hero was really over the top crazy for her.

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