Thursday, June 25, 2015

Taking What's Mine by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

Alexa Riley is like adding a shot of tequila to your cold  lemonade on a hot summer day or some rum to that hot cocoa on that cold winter night. She adds the dirty touch to the sweetest reads.
 Those sizzling touches that keep you totally hooked while blushing and looking around because it's almost too dirty and you know it has to show on your face.

 This read was pure sexy dirty fantasy. Just enough taboo but not too much. Hot dirty and at time sugary sweet, Colton had my heart beating and my face burning with guilty shame. Everything should have made me gasp with outrage but no it just burned hotter. The disclaimers said it all including that if you ride it to the end a sexy sweet surprise will soften the landing.. And oh sweet it was.

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