Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1) by Layla Frost @LaylaFWrites

Layla Frost really took me away to my special happy place with this sexy and suspenseful read. It had pages of humor and passion throughout. I adored the characters and the sassy banter between Jake and Piper. From the start Jake had this mysterious and deeply almost icy persona. But once Piper started chipping away , his real heart started too show. 
He was loyal, protective and honest. I had so many moments of pure "swoon". You give me a bossy grunting alpha male and I'm focused, concentrating and totally in bliss. Jake fit the bill perfectly and Piper was just what he needed to tame this bad boy in the best way possible.
 There were some moments of angst but they weren't so heavy that I felt like I wanted to scream. Just wanted to shake Jake a few times that's all. But he came through and made me feel better just when he should have. I was happy with the way this story flowed and I really didn't want it to end. For me to watch characters grow and progress and peel back the layers that make them seem real to me is a special thing and this is a gift that good authors possess. This debut read by Layla did that in spades. Jake was this gruff guy who didn't really show a lot of emotion ..till Piper knocked him for a loop.
I was totally blown away with this sweetness at the end. 
 He was romantic in his alpha way and I loved it. I can't wait for the next installment. I hope that Layla keeps writing loyal one woman leading men so I can snap them up on release day every time. 5 Sizzling Stars all the way.

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