Saturday, June 27, 2015

Once Loved (Shattered Past #2) by Cecy Robson @cecyrobson

By chapter three of this book I was completely mesmerized
by the side plot of Lety and her employment family . This is big for me since the romance is always what grabs me. Not this time. I fell in love with this book because of the emotions it brought out in my heart right from the start and it had nothing to do with the main couple. Lety's employment taking care of a family with a disabled father and son ..broke my heart and at the same time put it back together again. The broken man trapped by his paralysis and the wife and mom afraid to touch her child. Then the sweet eight year old boy caught inside the mind of one half his age. Total tears people! The way Lety reacted to these circumstances was graceful with empathy and sheer humanity of the purest form. Cecy blew me away in one chapter and the love story hadn't even really began yet. Brody an Lety both tried getting over each other in the year they were apart and failed miserably. There were no described scenes in their separation so I didn't have that "other woman or other man" angst in my face. The year is behind them and they are drawn together again emotions
ran high right away. Lety was fighting it thinking he deserved better but Brody wasn't giving up. I love a hero that won't back down!!


After slowly revealing background surprises, twists that had my jaw dropping, I was quickly and completely sucked in. Brody was by far one amazing hero. The patient way he loved Lety filled my heart with swooning moments. Sweet and sexy their love story transcended just two people. Together they helped heal an entire family and also break the cycle of endless nightmares in another. To see Teo and Evie was beautiful. I had so many moments of bittersweet tears. Cecy has really wrote such life like characters that I just feel like I was part of their group.. On the sidelines feeling like family. Absolutely loved every moment. So ready for Sofia and Killian.

Once Perfect (Shattered Past #1)

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